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  • US foreign policy – a decline in soft power

    Under the “America First” banner, President Trump has largely broken with American foreign policy orthodoxy.

    How can South America take advantage of its soft power potential?

    Culturally and economically, South American nations should be able to leverage significant soft power. And yet, only Brazil and Argentina made it into Portland’s 2018 Soft Power 30 index – scraping into 29th and 30th place respectively.

    Hard Laws, Soft Power

    The English legal system is arguably one of the UK’s most successful exports. But as power centres shift across the globe – and as Brexit edges ever closer – does the UK risk losing this soft power advantage?

    The soft power of museums

    In the not-too-distant past, museums and the arts were agents of hard power. Wards initially of royal courts and then nation states, museums were repositories of hard power – safeguarding the spoils of war and human conquest of nature. They reflected the state’s hegemony, which was very useful for cultural diplomacy: cultural diplomacy boasts whereas […]

    Challenges in measuring public diplomacy

    To be an effective public diplomat, you need a well of sufficient soft power resources on which to draw. There is no canonical definition of public diplomacy (PD), but the official practice of it involves using informational, educational and cultural tools to engage with international audiences to advance foreign policy goals.

    Learning Chinese: Media in the 21st Century

    To understand media in the 21st Century, we will all, at least figuratively, need to learn Chinese. Traditional media are already feeling the shift. The international re-launch of CGTN – China Global Television Network – marks a turning point in international broadcast journalism. 

    A turning-point for Argentina

    During her last speech to Congress on 1 March, Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK) name-checked an apparently complimentary tweet by Joseph Cotterill of The Financial Times: “They did it. They finally did it. Argentina’s 2033 restructured bonds are trading above par”. Minutes later, Cotterill tweeted back: Thanks for the mention in your speech, […]

    Portland launches Place Branding practice

    Portland has appointed leading soft power and place branding expert Jonathan McClory as Director for Branding and Global Engagement. He will head the Agency’s Place Branding Practice, serving countries, regions, and cities. The team will provide comprehensive, evidence-based strategies to enhance their reputations through campaigns combining policy, communications, branding, and marketing. McClory brings years of […]

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