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    The Government is shortly expected to confirm its vision for the future of UK energy supplies in the Electricity Market Review (EMR).  After consulting on proposals announced before Christmas, it is widely thought the review will confirm significant subsidies for large-scale renewables and new nuclear at the expense of fossil fuels. The politics of coalition […]

    The Special Relationship Revisited

    The Special Relationship – most of us who live in the United Kingdom are quite familiar with this phrase and identify with it to characterise the bond we share with the United States. As an American who has lived in London for three years, there is a certain attachment to, and appreciation of, this relationship. […]

    What now for the Lib Dems?

    This has been a bad week to be a Liberal Democrat by any standards. Big losses in the local elections were accompanied by rumours of internal strife for Nick Clegg. Worst of all was defeat in the AV referendum, which has effectively closed the door for at least this Parliament on the electoral reform debate. […]

    Business as usual for the Coalition

    David Cameron has ordered his lieutenants to carry on business as usual to ensure the Coalition survives after last week’s LibDem disaster. The PM has reminded those around him the aim of the Coalition is to rescue Britain’s economy from ruin. He is determined to carry on governing with Nick Clegg his deputy and LibDem […]

    A little local difficulty

    Trouble is brewing on the Tory backbenches as David Cameron lines up for perhaps the toughest year of this Parliament. The PM needs distractions like a hole in the head as he prepares to fight the “hard yards” of 2012. This will be the darkest period for the Coalition – when demands for an economic […]

    The AV referendum – does Twitter care?

    In case you’ve missed it, a referendum with the potential to dramatically reform the British voting system is taking place tomorrow. The vote on switching from First Past The Post to the Alternative Vote system has failed to excite the imaginations of the electorate, to put it mildly. It’s true to say the public debate […]

    Helping the UK economy take off

    There are some things that just don’t seem to go together, no matter how hard you try.  Transport and the environment can quite easily be put into two apparently separate categories, with little prospect of reconciliation.  The problem for the Government is that transport, particularly in light of our status as an island nation, is […]

    Cable’s Carte Blanche shows Coalition Will Survive

    In the old days, Craig Oliver would have been drafting an exchange of letters between David Cameron and Vince Cable – accepting the business secretary’s resignation. It was the job of the communications director to ensure an orderly process when a Cabinet minister openly defied the Prime Minister on the day of a major speech. But Mr […]

    Reshuffle talk is in the air

    It’s spring and reshuffle talk is in the air. Middle-ranking and junior ministers are already jockeying for position even though no one knows for sure what David Cameron intends. I’m told no one in 10 Downing Street is talking about a shakeup in Cabinet. Figures like Home Secretary Theresa May and Communities supremo Eric Pickles […]

    All hands on deck to save Tories from AV

    David Cameron and Nick Clegg have become “temporarily undocked” as the PM wakes up to the very real danger of losing the referendum on AV. Mr Cameron is a worried man, I’m very reliably informed. The PM has ordered an emergency push to deliver a “no” in the AV referendum at all costs. Otherwise, general […]

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