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    With the Republican National Convention underway, the United States is bracing itself for what may come. This election year has left many political observers in disbelief, questioning their grasp on the American psyche. It also presents a wealth of important narratives through which to discuss the presidential election, which is about to shift into high gear.

    POTUS at SXSW  

    South by South West (SXSW) first began in 1987 to improve the exposure of the local creative & music communities. Over the years SXSW has changed as film & digital communities found a home in the festival. However this year saw another shift towards a growing political contingent, as President Obama & the First Lady attended, alongside a number of other senior White House staffers.

    THAT FACE!!!

    So many faces, so little time… or should I say so MUCH time. I’m writing, of course, about the recent Republican Primary Debate. If you include the undercard, it lasted nearly 5 hours, and while it was certainly livelier than most debates, I’m not sure what we actually learned. First and foremost, we learned CNN can’t get enough Donald Trump.

    Republicans’ last stand

    This is it. It’s the Republicans’ last chance to show America they can win majorities and are capable of winning the White House from the Democrats. They head into the mid-term elections with a strong lead in the polls, but anything short of taking the Senate will be a heavy blow to the “establishment” G.O.P. […]

    Preaching to the choir: Accessing undecided voters in the midterms

    If you were watching CNN last week you could be forgiven for not knowing there was a national election coming in the United States. Ebola and ISIS continued to dominate the 24-hour news stream, with surprisingly little coverage of the midterm elections on November, 4. Switch to Fox News and there was coverage of very […]

    Not Your Father’s America

    A bit of automobile history. Back in the late 1980s, the Oldsmobile car company was struggling to stay relevant in a changing American culture. Founded in 1897, Olds had produced more than 30 million automobiles in its long run as an up-market brand for General Motors. But tastes were changing. GM called on its advertising […]

    Republicans must modernize to win on the national stage

    Here in the UK, Conservatives like to talk about “progressive conservatism”.  And while many might not be able to explain fully what it means, the party’s reform process and evolution put the Conservatives in No 10 for the first time in 13 years.  This transformation could be a lesson for today’s Republicans across the pond. […]

    Romney’s mountain to climb

    Republican leader Mitt Romney has just 60 days to win over the country or there will be another four years of Democrat President Barack Obama in the White House. The two leaders are neck-and-neck in the polls on 46.7 per cent after a fortnight of conventions which appear to have failed to deliver a lead […]

    Romney’s mixed forecast

    Paul Ryan may be the hot topic in the U.S. campaign, but is stormy weather ahead? To win a campaign, you have to make the weather. It is one of my golden rules. But whereas the real weather is measurable to the last degree of heat or the last drop of rainfall, the political weather […]

    SUPER Tuesday’s big winner was Barack Obama

    Last night’s 10 state run-off failed to pick a Republican candidate to challenge President Obama in November’s US election. While Mitt Romney picked up the most delegates and beat Rick Santorum in the critical swing state of Ohio, the Republican Party civil war will continue as Santorum, Newt Gingrich and even poor performing Ron Paul […]

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