Portland Doha was established in 2014 to better service our clients in the region. Since then, we have grown our business considerably in the Middle East, with the acquisition  of Forbes Associates in 2018. In Doha, we have a 20-strong specialist team of professional consultants working permanently on the ground, supported by Portland’s team of over 200 consultants in London, New York, Washington, Nairobi and Singapore.

Our approach to communications in the Middle East is the same as our approach in the rest of the world. We work with clients to develop research-led strategies. We craft messaging which is used to create compelling content. And we deliver this content to inform and persuade the audiences that matter. Portland Doha combines this approach with local knowledge, Arabic language expertise and unparalleled regional insights.

Our services in Qatar include strategic positioning and narrative development, media relations, crisis communications, branding, social media campaigns, digital design and website building, media monitoring, internal engagement, and translation services.

To find out more about the work we do, get in touch with a member of our leadership team.

Justin Kerr-Stevens (General Manager, Justin.Kerr-Stevens@portland-communications.com).

Patrick Forbes (Partner, Patrick.Forbes@portland-communications.com).

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