We give strategic communications advice to help reinforce clients’ legal strategy.

Our distinct team has specialist training, skills and experience. Our work extends beyond the courtroom to encompass complex public and political considerations.

For fifteen years, and across multiple jurisdictions, countries and languages, Portland’s litigation consultants have applied their problem-solving abilities to provide bespoke communications solutions to legal issues.

We understand the realities of the modern media and digital landscape, the rigours of the law and the need to deliver results.


Specialist areas


Litigation and disputes PR

A legal dispute is not just fought in court, but also in the court of public opinion. A win or a loss in a court may have long term reputational implications. Our team works closely with lawyers to ensure that their clients’ reputation is being managed from the very beginning of a dispute, right to the end of a trial and beyond.



Arbitration proceedings are always highly confidential. Therefore, the risk of a leak could have significant consequences for both parties. Our team is experienced in creating strategies designed to mitigate risk and prepare for any potential fallouts from high-value, high-profile arbitration procedures.


Class actions

Notifying and engaging with a class is a crucial element in the success of class actions. We create bespoke, data-driven and integrated communications campaigns to ensure awareness of and drive participation in class actions. We have extensive experience in managing all aspects of communications for campaigns– from message-testing to website creation and media relations.