Portland’s Disputes team provides strategic communications advice to help reinforce your legal strategy.

We ensure that every aspect of your clients’ concerns are managed, and every potential advantage explored. For fifteen years, and across multiple jurisdictions and languages, Portland has applied its problem-solving abilities to provide bespoke communications solutions to legal issues. We understand the realities of the modern media and digital landscape, the rigours of the law and the need to deliver results. Our work covers a wide range of disciplines. These include crisis preparation, simulation and management; strategy, narrative and content development; and planning and executing media and multi-stakeholder campaigns.

Specialist areas


Strategic communications

Complex and multi-jurisdictional litigation require a communications strategy to ensure that reputational, political, stakeholder and other issues are carefully managed. We create tailored solutions using Portland’s problem-solving and campaigning approach. Working closely with lawyers we ensure that the legal strategy is reinforced and that your key audiences are persuaded by your messages.

Media management

High-profile and complex litigations, investigations and disputes can damage reputations. We have legal, business and international media contacts and understand the importance of ensuring coverage is factually accurate through our 24/7 monitoring and rebuttals. Our team are experienced at managing media in court and handling complex media briefings.

Arbitration communications

Arbitration proceedings are always highly confidential. There is no guarantee, however, against leaks and potential reputational damage as a result. Our team is experienced in creating strategies designed to mitigate risk and prepare for any potential fallouts from high-value, high-profile arbitration procedures.

Class actions

Group litigation is an increasingly popular legal mechanism used in England and Wales. We have experience defending well-known reputations against these actions and leading groups of claimants against large corporates. We have worked with major brands to manage employee and consumer actions in the UK. We have also carried out book-builds, notification plans and class communications.

Investigations and public bodies

The threat or instigation of an investigation or judicial review is closely followed by the media and stakeholders. Our team has experience working with clients to protect corporate reputations and rebuild individual profiles. Our team has expertise dealing with judicial reviews and investigations across multiple jurisdictions.

Private client

Complex communications and reputation problems demand bespoke solutions. Our team has expertise and experience in a range of specialisms tailored for UHNW individuals and families, including legal, financial and philanthropic communications. We work in close collaboration with other professional consultants, from lawyers to tax advisers, to get the best outcome for the client.