Public Sector

Public Sector

Public sector organisations deal with some of the most complex challenges facing society;: regulation, welfare, public service provision and cultural change. But they face increasing scrutiny from media, a sceptical public and politicians of all parties looking to politicise their work.  

We help public organisations land their messages with the public and tell a positive story about their impact on the world. 


We offer a full range of communications services to public sector organisations, specialising in the following: 

Insight and strategy  

Grounding a public campaign in clear evidence of your audience’s existing perceptions allows any activity to be better targeted and more effective. Our in-house research experts can provide a full range of services from polling and focus groups to full economic and impact analysis.  

Public campaigns and behaviour change 

We are experts in public campaigns. From consultations that ensure stakeholders feel heard, to messages and arguments that change behaviour, Portland’s team craft engaging content that leads to action. 

Initiative launches 

Our consultants can help ensure your launch moment reaches the right audiences and that you remain in control of your message.  

Managing and protecting reputation 

We have deep experience working with public and private organisations to manage and protect their reputations. We can identify and track issues that may affect your reputation, and devise response strategies to any issues that emerge.  


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