Research & Strategy

Research & Strategy

Our specialist team of researchers provides smart, clear evidence and insight to clients looking for answers.

Portland’s Research & Strategy specialism solves complex problems and fine-tunes strategy and messaging so our clients can feel confident in the decisions they make.

Our team is founded on the premise that we don’t collect data for the sake of having data: we collect data that feeds insight.

Research and data sits at the centre of Portland’s ability to deliver impact, We provide answers, evidence, new ideas or reassurance around any issue or course of action. As a result, our work not only informs strategic and communications decisions but also operational and product ones too.

We offer our clients the benefits of a full-service research agency. Our capabilities span multiple technologies and methodologies, from overnight polling to long-term online communities across multiple countries, broad social media analysis and detailed economic impact reports. However, starting with the method is not the best way to deliver game-changing insights. Instead, we start with the problem, look at the budget and timelines and build the best solution from there.


Specialist areas



What do people think, do and why? What is the context created by competitors, the government and the media? What is new and credible to talk about?


How can we be sure of this course of action? What messaging will our audiences respond best to? What brand and tone positions us well?


What content can we create to drive engagement? What’s our position on X? How can we position ourselves as Y?


How can we measure the impact of this campaign or show our value? How can we evaluate what is working well and what is not worth the money? How can we learn as we go and develop our offer?

Portland’s research offer is accredited by the British Polling Council and can offer global reach among both broad audiences and niche specialists.