We are a multidisciplinary unit that brings together expertise from strategic planning, analytics, research and creative.

Our team brings together people with specialisms that span primary research, digital and social media analytics, measurement and evaluation, strategic planning and creative direction.

We combine the know-how, instinct and experience of our account teams with specialist skillsets – be it in uncovering hidden insights from social intelligence, unlocking emotional drivers from in-depth interviews or facilitating creative processes that unlock people’s best thinking – to get to game-changing ideas and new ways to solve client problems.

Everything we do in SPARC is guided by an ambition to produce the greatest impact possible for Portland’s clients – and we’re passionate about measuring that impact by using a blend of different tools and methodologies and following the internationally-recognised AMEC framework.


Specialist areas



We ensure that every piece of work is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients’ audiences and operating context. From ambitious strategic research projects spanning multiple continents and stakeholder groups to agile ongoing analysis to inform day-to-day programmes, we help clients navigate complex and challenging landscapes and stakeholder networks



We take a data-driven approach to planning at Portland, bringing fresh new sources of information to bear on client challenges and getting to the heart of audience mindsets and behaviours to ensure programmes resonate. We combine the expertise and instinct of Portland’s teams with robust evidence to create compelling data narratives that inspire creative thinking.



Once a strategy has been developed, we work with account teams and Portland’s Content & Brand team to bring it to life as a programme spanning multiple channels and content formats. We deploy a range of techniques and approaches to help generate creative ideas for clients – from powerful unifying themes and campaign platforms to fresh and exciting everyday tactics.