Office Profile: Paris

Office Profile: Paris

For the fifth instalment of our Office Profile series, we sat down with Executives, Jérôme Pasquier and Cléa Agosta, and Consultant, Clémentine Martin, to discuss la vie en Paris.

Tell us about the work you do in Paris.

Jérôme opens by telling us that the work they do in Paris is “extremely multidisciplinary, because we touch on a large variety of domains. The team has been expanding recently, but it’s still very much all hands on deck – and I like that about our team! You do everything from pure corporate comms and press releases to more public affairs focussed tasks, working with policy makers and MPs.”

“We work on strategic communications and public affairs missions for clients in a variety of different sectors,” adds Clémentine. “Providing advice and recommendations to clients on French political and legislative developments is fascinating, especially as 2022 has brought lots of political changes in the country.”

Cléa, started most recently – just 3 months ago. She wholeheartedly agrees with the multidisciplinary aspect of the role. “One day I can be talking with MPs and policy makers, and the next I will be on the phone with journalists, sending press releases. It’s great to combine these skills.”

What do you enjoy about working in Paris?

“I’m from Paris, so for me it’s just usual daily life!” opens Cléa. “In Paris you have the national assembly, the senate, and all the media so it’s easy to connect with them, to organise workshops and press conferences. Paris is the heart of France, it’s fantastic to work in the centre of it all.”

“I think when you live in a place it does just become daily life as usual, it’s only when you leave and come back that you realise how nice it is!” says Jérôme. “The office is in a really great neighbourhood, there are tonnes of restaurants around. Another point I really want to highlight is the atmosphere in the Paris office – as we’ve mentioned, we’re a small team, and we all really get along. We like to go for lunch together, there’s a very pleasant atmosphere. I think that’s a big draw to working at Portland in Paris.”

Clémentine agrees that the colleagues in the Paris office have an impact on her working experience. “I find it very stimulating to work with a team passionate about their work, who are experts about French and European politics and media. I learn constantly which makes the role so interesting.” Clémentine also mentions that she really appreciates the international aspect of her role; “I work with colleagues from London, Brussels and Berlin on a daily basis. This makes Portland really unique – no matter which capital you work from, you are part of the same team.”

How does Paris encapsulate the Portland values? (Be Smart, Be Human, Be Collaborative, Grow)

“I think it’s really a mix of elements we have had in previous answers; the combination of being a very small team, that we get along so well and then the fact that we get to work on all these different projects in different fields,” says Jérôme, linking to all four values in one sentence. “The small team gives everyone a sense of responsibility, and the opportunity to really show their metal and contribute to the work we’re doing.”

“I would say the same thing on the responsibilities,” says Cléa. “I’ve been here 3 months, and already I can feel my responsibilities increasing progressively.”

“Even though we don’t all work on the same accounts, we work on common projects and there is a real sense of team spirit in the Paris office,” Clémentine notes, linking to both the Be Smart and Be Collaborative values. “The team is always ready to give you a hand when needed, or share expertise and knowledge.”

Similarly, linking to Be Human and Grow, Jérôme again mentions the office atmosphere. “If you have questions about the role or your progression, there is no hesitation to ask. There aren’t the usual barriers when asking your line manager, or even higher up, about your role within Portland.”

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