Office Profile: Washington D.C.

Office Profile: Washington D.C.

For the second profile in our new series, we’ve put the spotlight on our office in Washington D.C. We sat down with Consultant Lucy Fyler, Associate Consultant Delina Tewelde and Executive Aaron Muench to find out more about Portland life across the pond.

Tell us about the work you do in Washington D.C.

Lucy begins by telling us that the team in Washington work across all sectors of the business. “We work across the private sector, with non-profits and on government advisory. The D.C. office is pretty small, so we all work closely together across our client base.”

Aaron, who began as an Intern in June 2021 and was subsequently promoted to an Executive in September, adds that this collaborative way of working adds an extra buzz when new clients come onboard. “I’ve been able to dive into so many exciting projects when new client opportunities come up because of our collaborative working style.”

Delina agrees, also noting that she has been able to get involved with a variety of interesting digital projects.

What’s the best thing about working with the team in Washington D.C.?

Aaron opens. “I’d say the best thing about our team is that, due to the small size, we’ve become close as a group. We really rely on each other and work together across projects – which is something I think is exciting, as it opens up so many more opportunities. Having a smaller group definitely fosters this collaboration and generates such a strong team environment.”

“I would also add that the team in Washington is really supportive,” says Delina. “I think this is a huge bonus as it massively helps with personal development. Also, the way the team is structured, with a real emphasis on collaboration rather than hierarchy, makes it feel much more friendly which I really like.”

Can you describe how the Washington D.C. office encapsulates the Portland values? (Be smart, be collaborative, be human, grow)

“As we’ve mentioned, the team works really closely together so I think that really speaks not only to the collaborative value, but also being human and supporting each other’s growth and development,” says Lucy.

“I would completely echo that,” agrees Aaron. “Because Portland is such an international firm, we have the opportunity to work on the most pertinent issues around the world, which is so exciting. This also gives us the opportunity to take on projects that you wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to work on if you just worked domestically – one of the many reasons it’s great to work here!”

Linking to the Be Smart value, Lucy mentions that is a huge part of the way the team cooperates. “When requests come in, we’re very good at figuring out whose strengths they play to, who has that knowledge base. We do also get people involved in the client work they’re most interested in, which ultimately leads to the best results.”

Delina adds that playing to people’s strengths works well as “everyone has such varied backgrounds. A lot of the work we do is so dynamic and fast paced, so touching base with someone who has more experience in an area not only achieves the best results, but really allows you to learn from them too.”

“That’s a really good point,” says Lucy. “I think our team, especially for how small it is, has such diverse experience in terms of private sector, non-profit, public sector work around the world. That really allows us to leverage our expertise, learn from one another and grow as a team.”

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