Elisabeth Motschmann

Senior Political Advisor, Berlin

Elisabeth Motschmann joined Portland’s Berlin office as a Senior Policy Advisor in June 2022. Before that, she was a member of the German Bundestag for eight years, holding positions on the Foreign Affairs Committee, in the Franco-German Parliamentary Assembly, and as media and culture policy spokesperson for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group. From 2012-2021, she was on the CDU’s Federal Executive Board.

Prior to her years in Berlin, Elisabeth was politically active at state level: She was a member of the Bremen State Parliament for 16 years and during this time served as Deputy Chair of the CDU parliamentary group. For 22 years, she was the Deputy Chair the CDU Bremen. From 1999 on, she held the office of State Councillor for Culture in Bremen for eight years. She also was State Councillor for Sport for four years. In addition, she chaired the Women’s Union of the CDU Bremen for ten years until 2022.

Elisabeth published several books on women and family policy issues. During her political career, she also wrote extensive reports on child poverty in countries such as South Africa, Brazil, and India. In 2018, her book “Female Diplomacy: Women in Foreign Policy” was published.

She also brings vast experience in the media world, having worked as a journalist for the Axel Springer publishing house and Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) as well as a longstanding member of the Broadcasting Council of Radio Bremen. She presently is a member of the Broadcasting Council of Deutsche Welle.