Portland’s Graduate Programme provided the perfect foundation for my career

Portland’s Graduate Programme provided the perfect foundation for my career

The past three months on Portland’s Graduate Programme have provided me with some amazing experiences. Starting with the immense learning curve, the great people I have met individually and the warm welcoming environment housed collectively by the whole of Portland. Portland has continually helped to provide me with the perfect foundation to begin my career in the communications industry.

At Portland you are given unlimited opportunities to develop your learning in a collegiate environment, whether it’s day-to-day learning from the people around you and your team, to graduate training every Wednesday and Portland Academy’s every Thursday.

From the start you are given actual client-facing work for a range of fascinating organisations from Portland’s roster which it has built up over the years due to its prestigious reputation and quality of work. The work you produce can have an actual impact and can potentially be seen by millions of people internationally. It challenges you to perform at your best, to be ambitious and really step out of your comfort zone. Everyone genuinely wants you to do your best and succeed no matter what the task at hand may be.

Portland’s work culture is unique as it allows you to listen and learn from industry-leading individuals, yet, they continually encourage graduates and interns to voice our opinions. From researching the various graduate schemes and communications agency, it was clear that such a culture is very hard to come by.

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