Pharmaceutical company

The Challenge

In the midst of three different legal crises, Portland was commissioned by a major international pharmaceutical company to shape their strategy for dealing efficiently with the convergence crises and limit their impact on the company’s reputation.

The Approach

With the risk of considerable and muddled media coverage, Portland built a pre-emptive scenario-based strategy, in close cooperation with the company’s legal and communications teams. After assessing the risks and opportunities of each scenario, our team organised strategy and messaging workshops with the client. The outcomes were used as a basis to create scheduled action plans and messaging frameworks. These were streamlined so as to fit with the company’s overall strategy and ensure they did not contradict each other.

The Outcome

As a result, our work ensured an efficient decision making process.  The company could tackle the “perfect storm” with confidence in its strategy and messaging, and we were able to achieve their goal of minimising media coverage of the issues.

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