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  • James Helm joins Portland

    I am delighted to announce we have appointed James Helm as a Partner in the specialist Philanthropy and Global Issues team, where he will support our growing roster of global development clients and provide counsel to clients across the agency. Formerly the Director of Communications at the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID).

    May’s team: Cabinet runners and riders and key players

    Key players in her team. Now that Theresa May has won, many senior members of her campaign team will expect to stay on in new roles to support her premiership. She has a large team and this will evolve, but current key individuals are known to include: Chris Grayling, May’s leadership Campaign Manager: A senior Brexiteer during the EU referendum.

    Baidu in China: Crisis from beyond the grave

    Baidu, a major Chinese internet firm, is under scrutiny after being accused of promoting misleading medical information—how will markets and politicians respond? From automobile emissions scandal to the Panama Papers, reputation management is becoming an ever more challenging business. That is why businesses spent $10.7bn on top PR firms last year.

    Conservative life chance legacy

    In 2005 the privately much-touted, though previously little-known member for Witney electrified a dour assembly of Conservatives that had recently tasted their third successive general election defeat. Cameron’s parting gift to the assembled delegates was a message that would shortly be communicated, with great success, to the wider electorate.

    Brexit, London and local government: What next?

    In a scenario many hoped, but it seems none had planned for, the UK voted to leave the European Union last week. It wasn’t until last Friday afternoon that the gritty detail of Brexit – the untangling of 43 years of legislation, constitutional convention and trade agreements - was laid bare. So far the reaction of London has nicely followed the Kubler-Ross model of grief.

    Is devolution off the table?

    It has quickly become apparent that the result of last week’s referendum is likely to have major implications for the devolved nations of the United Kingdom. With Nicola Sturgeon in Brussels this week, questions remaining over the impact of the majority Remain vote in Northern Ireland, and uncertainty over the impact of leaving the EU on Wales.

    EU Referendum: the outcomes

    What might happen next for Cameron and the Conservative party? Our flow chart explores the different scenarios and political implications for Cameron and UK. In a series of articles published by Portland, Vote Leave campaigners Michael Gove and George Eustice clash with some of Britain’s most experienced diplomats on the question at the heart of Britain’s EU referendum.

    What’s the future of search? Just ask your phone

    It was great to spend some quality time last week with my kids. Good, too, that the extra guest they insisted we bring turned out to be unfailingly polite, dependable and informative. Also, unlike other grown-ups, this visitor never sloped off to the bar. My sons’ constant companion on the trip wasn’t a friend or relative but Apple’s personal voice assistant Siri.

    Portland welcomes ten new advisory council members

    Portland is honoured to announce we have appointed ten new members to our advisory council to reflect our strong international growth. The new members of the advisory council will provide strategic advice to Portland, bringing together a wealth of experience across a wide range of countries, industries and sectors. For full biographies of our advisory council members visit our people page.

    Social conversation on #EUref

    With just under one month to go until the referendum on whether the UK will vote to Remain or Leave the EU, campaigners have been gearing up for the final push on and offline. So we took the chance to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of what the campaigns have been doing online – and find out what issues and events have been driving the social conversation.

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