Portland is a fully integrated communications consultancy

At Portland, we strive to combine high level strategic counsel with quality execution. Across our targeted network of offices we have the right people, with the right expertise, and the right attitude.


We draw on experience across the political world and global institutions spanning Downing Street and Whitehall to the EU institutions, the French National Assembly and the Bundestag, the UN and the WHO.

Our roster of former editors from a wide range of media outlets know how traditional media is changing and explain how to cut through.

Our team of digital brains apply the lessons of the world’s most effective grassroots mobilisation campaigns and know how to change the conversation.

And our team of creative designers and brand strategists produce powerful content that ensures our clients reach their audiences with impact – whether through a website, app, video production, railway station takeover or interactive data visualisation.

They combine with heavyweights in financial PR, healthcare, law, philanthropy and internal communications. Together we get to the point – bringing focus, clarity and driving impact.


We advise some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the world on all aspects of their communications and reputation.

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Global Impact

We combine a deep understanding of the challenges of communicating globally, with an unrivalled heritage of working with leading businesses and philanthropists to articulate their purpose and demonstrate their impact.

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We make sure our clients keep a sharp focus on meeting their business objectives and delivering what matters most to patients and their families.

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Government Advisory

We help governments and leaders shape the future, reaching and engaging the audiences that matter.

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Litigation and Disputes

Specialist advisory and strategic communications.

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Research & Strategy

Our specialist team of researchers provides smart, clear evidence and insight to clients looking for answers.

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We create content to bring messages to life and power great campaigns.

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