Technology, Media, and Telecoms

Technology, Media, and Telecoms

Technology, media, and telecommunications companies are transforming the way we live, work, and socialise at an accelerated rate.  

The scale and pace of that change has promoted global debates on the impact these businesses are having on the world.  

In a high-profile, fast-evolving environment, clear, considered, and timely advice alongside agile and authentic communication is critical to your success. 


Portland has a strong track record of advising technology, media, and telecommunications brands.  

From global powerhouses to pioneering, early-stage ventures, we help businesses to understand how they are seen and how they can engage in the conversations that impact them within a complex, contested and often misunderstood sector. 

Our experts from media, politics, industry, and consultancy provide clarity on a rapidly evolving operating, regulatory and media landscape. 

We have helped media and entertainment services, communications platforms, telecommunications networks, and content publishers to launch in new markets, differentiate and reframe corporate stories, build the profile of leaders, and improve the understanding of brands and sectors.  

Our core services include:  

  • Corporate reputation and brand communication 
  • Narrative development 
  • Public affairs and policy 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Polling and research 
  • Profile building 
  • Media training 
  • Crisis support 


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