Portland advises some of the most prestigious events, teams, and organisations across the world of sport.  

We have an intricate knowledge and experience across a large variety number of sports that helps us deliver for our clients. Our expertise ranges from integrated global media, crisis communications and fan engagement campaigns, to targeted political outreach, to community and local authority engagement programmes that secure planning permissions for new stadia.  


Athletes, sports clubs, and sporting organisations are in a unique position.  

They have a historical global footprint that brings hundreds of millions of people. Their footprint that often dwarfs that of other industries or interests, and remains constantly in demand from fans, columnists, and politicians.  

But, with emotional fan bases rooted within communities and the national consciousness, sports organisations are constantly under the microscope. Whether from politicians, the media, or the general public, once a challenge comes or an issue arises, it can snowball quickly, leaving you unable to react, get your story heard, or control the narrative.  

With the prestige of sport comes with great expectations. CSR and purpose are no longer a peripheral activity – organisations must now demonstrate their social value in every aspect of their business and strategy. Nowhere is that more so than in sport, where athletes are often at the forefront of inspiring social change, leaving clubs, events, and governing bodies to catch up.  

Our experts work across sport, media, policy, and advocacy. We help teams, organisations, and governing bodies navigate these challenges and tell their story. 

Our unique understanding of the sporting policy and media landscape has enabled us to guide organisations and the worlds’ largest and most famous tournaments through their most sensitive, turbulent, and high-profile communications issues and projects.  

Building on expertise gained from decades of political, media, and strategic experience – in international sport and beyond – Portland can offer sports bodies a full suite of communications and public affairs services. 


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