Crisis and Reputation Management

Crisis and Reputation Management

Our consultants draw on their experience at the very top of business, law, politics, the media, and government to respond to some of the most high-profile crises around the world. We are experts in problem-solving work, grappling with complex issues in contested and time-pressured situations to manage and, where possible, enhance reputations.


Every crisis is unique. Our team will work with you to understand the situation, assess your options, and support you as the crisis develops. We understand that communicating during a crisis often overlaps with complex legal, regulatory, human resource, political and financial considerations, and we are comfortable working with in-house experts in all these domains.   

Our specialists can mobilise quickly to provide the following areas of expertise depending on the nature of the crisis: 

  • Strategic counsel: Providing bespoke strategic communications advice round the clock.  
  • 24/7 media handling: Managing a full crisis press office, including rapid rebuttals of inaccuracies in the media.   
  • Litigation communications: Working with your advisors to mitigate the risk that a crisis becomes active litigation.   
  • Policy and regulatory understanding: Ensuring your communications during a crisis align with your obligations and policy objectives.    
  • Public affairs and political networks: Drawing on Portland’s experience with, and understanding of, political institutions.   
  • Round-the-clock monitoring: Tracking and analysing all relevant media, social media, and political developments.  
  • Employee engagement: Supporting you to communicate with your employees, whether in-person or remote, and across multiple sites and geographies if needed.  
  • Crisis simulation training: Training sessions for your team using Portland’s proprietary software featuring as-in-real-life versions of Facebook, Twitter, and email.


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