Election 2024 – Labour’s new cohort

Election 2024 – Labour’s new cohort

The declarations are in and amongst Labour’s 412 confirmed MPs, 243 were not previously members of parliament when Rishi Sunak called the election.

This 2024 cohort is likely to play a big role in the years to come – some have previous experience at the highest level of government, others are young and very new to Westminster politics, but all will be part of the governing party with the biggest majority since 1832.

Our database of Labour’s 2024 cohort lets you find the new MPs with experience or interest in the sectors relevant to you.

Search by sector, using the dropdown box at the top of the widget then click on the names to see each of the new MPs’ profiles. If your organisation wants to understand the dynamics of this new cohort and ensure you are navigating the new political landscape effectively, Portland can help. To find out how, email us now.

Sector specialisms have been determined by area of expertise, based either on previous occupation or previous political experience.

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