We help our clients successfully navigate the complex and fast-changing landscape of health, public health, and social care services.  

From designing hard-hitting campaigns and building bespoke digital channels, to conducting behavioural research and creating expert-led policy projects, our integrated team delivers exceptional results for clients. 


Health, public health, and social care services are changing rapidly in response to the UK’s and European Member States’ financial challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a population that is growing and getting older. As structures, systems, and priorities shift, we make sure our clients keep a sharp focus on meeting their business objectives and delivering what matters most to patients and their families. 

Brand / product communications 

Whether it be a launch or an established brand, we understand access and uptake opportunities and challenges. We can also advise on how to communicate to healthcare professionals, patient groups and the NHS or European healthcare services in a regulated environment. 

Healthcare policy – EU and European markets  

We have worked on and closely followed UK and EU pharmaceutical policy for many years and have a strong understanding of the policymakers, journalists and stakeholders who matter for the sector. 

Portland has a deep understanding of what drives the healthcare debate across Europe. We have experience in issues such as disease awareness raising, pricing and reimbursement, research, intellectual property rights, public health security and the safety of the supply chain.   

Having worked on both national and pan-European campaigns for major pharmaceutical companies, our team have a sound understanding not only of UK and EU healthcare policies, but also of how Brussels can be leveraged to influence national markets – and vice versa. We offer an integrated view on the complex dynamics between Brussels and major European capitals and hands-on advice on how to influence it. 

Disease Awareness 

We are experienced in putting therapy areas on the political and public agenda, to highlight the real people behind the disease and demonstrate the often-unmet clinical need. 

Patient advocacy group and clinical engagement 

The clinical and patient voice is more important than ever before. We understand how to work with independent groups and are proud to have several patient advocacy groups as direct clients. We have the expertise to utilise research and insights to develop evidence that helps shape strategies. 

Medical education 

We create programmes to support healthcare professionals with their own personal development and to build relationships and their reputation within the clinical community. 


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