Media Counsel and Training

Media Counsel and Training

A media interview is a high-stakes moment for any CEO, business leader or company spokesperson. There is a lot to be gained but there can also be much to lose.  

That’s why media training is one of our most valued services and we have been the chosen training partner for countless business and charity leaders ahead of critical broadcast, newspaper, and Select Committee appearances. 

Our experienced team is drawn from the highest levels of print, television, and radio journalism, and we have developed a well-established process to improve performance and message delivery.  


Our team of media trainers includes: 

  • George Pascoe-Watson – former Political Editor of The Sun 
  • Simon Hamer – former Business Editor of Today, BBC Radio 4  
  • Luke Baker – former bureau chief and International Affairs correspondent for Reuters 
  • Richard Suchet – former news correspondent for Sky News and LBC 
  • Gabriel Milland – former political correspondent and Head of Communications in Government  

Each media training session is tailored to our clients’ needs and usually lasts between two to three hours. Most sessions combine media training theory with message development and practical rehearsal to camera.  

Media training theory 

A media interview can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, but the purpose of media training theory is to instil confidence. We want you to be the very best version of yourself, especially when faced with challenging lines of questioning.   

We will teach you how to prepare effectively, as well as techniques for steering the interview to ensure that your commercial objectives are met, and your key messages are front and centre. 

Clients regularly tell us that they feel the skills learnt in this session are transferable to other day-to-day business settings including meetings, presentations, and commercial negotiations.  

Message refinement  

The best communicators understand the importance of knowing not only what to say, but how to say it. 

We will help you to identify the most impactful messages and we will refine them with you to ensure they sound natural and unrehearsed.  

We will also work with you to identify the ‘danger areas’, help craft appropriate responses and coach you on how to ‘bridge’ back to your winning ground.  


Using our experience both in front of and behind the camera, we recreate the “hot seat” of TV, radio, and print interviews. 

This is your opportunity to test messaging and put the theory into practice.  

Our trainers have extensive experience grilling Prime Ministers, heads of state and senior business leaders, and will not shy away from the toughest questions. Our clients leave their training sessions knowing they can handle the most hostile interviewers. 


We provide on-the-spot feedback, as well as instant video playback, so that our clients can review and improve their performance.  


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