Sustainability, Purpose and ESG

Sustainability, Purpose and ESG

With climate change now an unavoidable reality, and in the face of growing societal challenges, we help businesses analyse their externalities, communicate their sustainability roadmaps, and cultivate trust with strategic stakeholders.


Climate action and the UN 2030 Agenda are reshaping the rules of business around the world.  

Levels of scrutiny on businesses are more intense than ever before from investors, policy makers, civil society organisations, customers, and employees. Businesses are expected to do more, and their leaders are judged against a broader range of criteria.  

Together with financial and operational ratios, the transition to more sustainable and low-carbon models has become key to evaluating how businesses perform. Reputational and regulatory risks have never been greater for those who fail to live up to these growing expectations.  

Businesses need new strategic lenses to analyse their externalities and the risks and opportunities they may present. They need to communicate commitments and progress with clarity, while maintaining control over their narrative in a highly disputed context. They need to build coalitions and engage their audiences in new, innovative ways to keep their trust.  

We support our clients in understanding this fast-changing context, while designing actionable strategies integrating research, public affairs, stakeholder engagement, media and digital.  

We have specialist skills in:  

  • Regulatory and policy analysis 
  • Sustainability audits
  • Narrative development 
  • Coalition building 
  • Integrated campaigning 
  • Media relations 
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Public affairs 


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