To the Point with Portland

To the Point with Portland

The big questions in media, politics, business and PR, apprehended by leading experts and thinkers in these fields.

22 February 2021 30:20
Pinky Lilani CBE DL on kindness in leadership

Kindness is the difference between a successful leader and a significant one; this is what author, motivational speaker and women's advocate Pinky Lilani CBE DL believes. Founder and chair of several awards recognising excellence in leadership and celebrating women in business, Lilani in this episode speaks to host and Director at Portland, Claire Hardy, about dispelling the idea that kindness is synonymous with weakness, how the best leaders have an agenda bigger than themselves, and effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on women in the (increasingly remote) workplace.

8 February 2021 40:44
Saul Klein on why tech is not just for techies

Tech jobs are some of the most lucrative in the employment market, but there's a perception that they're only for the extremely tech-literate. In this episode, Saul Klein dispels that myth. A technology investor at venture capitalist firm LocalGlobe, Klein has backed a slew of British start-up successes, including LoveFilm, Improbable, TransferWise and Kazoo. In conversation with episode host James Ashton – a Financial Journalist and Senior Adviser at Portland – Klein also discusses how the UK can stay on top of Europe's tech industry, the "New Palo Alto", and how a £50 billion valuation has become the new £100 million valuation.

25 January 2021 47:56
Alastair Campbell and Jon Sopel on the future of US democracy

In our first episode, political strategist and Portland veteran Alastair Campbell chats with journalist and broadcaster Jon Sopel. The BBC's North America Editor covered the entirety of the Trump presidency, along with the turbulent transfer of power to new US president Joe Biden. Here the pair discuss what America might look like under Biden, the weaponisation of the media, conspiracy thinking in the US vs. the UK, and the possibility of a second American civil war.

13 January 2021 02:28

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