Energy and Resources

Energy and Resources

Pressure is rampant to decarbonise our planet and achieve a net-zero economy. The energy and resource industries need to deliver, and meeting these challenges requires a global mindset and local regulatory expertise.  

We are here to help our clients navigate this, from strategic communications, to well-rounded advocacy campaigns, to sharp policy analysis. 


We are experts in policy, politics, and process. We work with multinationals, industry associations and joint ventures in the oil and gas, electricity, mining, chemicals, commodity trading, renewables, manufacturing, energy infrastructure and raw materials industries.  

We help clients navigate the complex political and policy ecosystems that surround these industries, and ensure they are included in the decision-making process.  

Political intelligence, monitoring, and analysis   

For such tightly regulated industries, it is vital to be well-informed, and to anticipate and understand the political and legal environment. We have strong networks spanning politics, media, policy, and the NGO community. We know how to assess the impact of your operating context on your business, and develop strategies and actions that make a difference.     

Narrative development and stakeholder engagement 

Influencing the debate requires understanding who to speak to, how these stakeholders interact with each other and their stance on key issues. Your challenge will be to break through the noise. Our experts act as sparring partners to help build the right narrative and draft compelling arguments.  


We understand the complexity behind regulatory proposals, and the politics around them. Our experts guide clients in answering consultations, drafting and pitching amendments, organising site visits, participating in parliamentary hearings, and more. 


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