Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

‘Our people are our greatest asset’ is a phrase often heard from business leaders. Good communication is critical to building and protecting that asset. We help our clients communicate effectively with their employees, to manage change, retain talent, and build company culture.  


Employee populations are often highly varied, globally distributed and overwhelmed by messages. Businesses invest heavily in channels and technology to reach their people and build company culture, but these efforts can have mixed results. 

We help clients with the issues that impact employees most, such as pay and benefits, diversity and inclusion, performance management, cybersecurity, flexible working, and leadership change. Whether you need to manage change, navigate a crisis, or build your employer brand for the long-term, we can help.  

Internal communications   

We can support with the full range of internal communications, including strategy and messaging, digital and physical channel audits, and developing and delivering communications to employees.  

Culture change  

Changing culture is tough and communications is a vital tool in achieving it. We help clients communicate and reinforce the new behaviours and processes needed to drive culture change. 

Technology rollout  

We support business transformation by increasing employee adoption of new tools and technology in the workplace.  

Mergers & acquisitions  

Transactions are often periods of uncertainty for employees. We can help you manage the timely flow of appropriate communications to internal audiences.  

Employee campaigns  

We develop and deliver multichannel campaigns to reach employees and successfully engage them, through digital channels, social media, events, and printed collateral.  

Leadership profile-building  

Profile is critical for new and existing executives. We work to craft their narrative and land messages across the employee base, raising visibility and impact. For more detail on this, please see our Executive Counsel page. 

Employer brand & value proposition  

We can help you define and activate your organisation’s proposition for existing employees and potential recruits, to drive attraction and retention of top talent.  

Mitigating risks and crises  

Let us help you prepare for and manage potential issues that pose a risk to your organisation. For more detail on this, please see our Crisis & Reputation Management page.  


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