Data, Research and Polling

Data, Research and Polling

Sound research is essential for successful communications. We can help you understand your audiences, their beliefs, motivations, and priorities – and what it might take to change their minds. We can gauge what kind of communications they will respond well to and, as importantly, what won’t work.

Our insight means our clients have the data and evidence that can underpin strategy and guide tactics. And, along with insight, research can deliver immediate impact by showing that our clients’ cause has the support of important audiences. Our recommendations are to the point, and always actionable. 


We offer our clients the benefits of a full-service research agency. Our capabilities span multiple technologies and methodologies, from polling which can be targeted at just about any audience in markets across the world, to in-depth interview studies with key figures and targets. Our deep expertise in focus groups can deliver insights which don’t just tell clients what people think, but why they might think it – and how strongly those views are actually held.  

We start with our clients’ most important questions, and build the best solution from there, factoring in budget and timelines.  

Through our work we discover what people think and do, and how this is influenced by the context created by competitors, the government, and the media. We advise on considerations such as brand, tone of voice, content, and channels, to help you hone your communications.  

Our research team has all led or worked on projects for the world’s biggest businesses, for governments, and for political parties and campaigns  

We will also work with clients to measure the impact of their communications, and evaluate what is working and what needs changing for them to achieve their objectives.  

Portland’s research offer is accredited by the British Polling Council.  


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