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  • What next for Labour? The party is in danger of losing its soul

    There are real and growing fears that the Tories are heading for a majority. Labour has a very serious problem with white working-class voters in seats that voted Leave.

    Entering the final week, where do the parties stand?

    This week, the General Election campaign has been marked by the tragedy at London Bridge, and a NATO Summit, which did not yield a campaign-shaping intervention from Donald Trump.

    The General Election in Scotland: a tale of two referendums

    For those frustrated at facing a Brexit Election, spare a thought for voters in Scotland, resigned to another election dominated by constitutional conundrums.

    Voter registration, not the manifestos, could have the biggest impact on this Election

    So, the manifestos are unlikely to have played a big role in shifting the outcome. More important is likely to be voter registration – which is up dramatically.

    Labour’s wobbly week

    The Conservative Party is set to secure a big 68-seat majority at the General Election as it wins seats in Labour’s heartlands, an influential YouGov poll has forecast.

    An absolutely crucial week ahead for the Labour Party

    Jeremy Corbyn has promised this week that a Labour government will stand up to the most powerful people in Britain - the “bankers, billionaires and the establishment” who have benefited from a “rigged” system.

    What can we expect from the Conservative manifesto?

    Casting our minds back to the 2017 general election, all seemed to be going so well for the Conservatives until they launched their manifesto.

    Johnson and Corbyn seek refuge in soundbites

    It was a Brexit debate. That’s what Boris Johnson wanted and indeed what he got.

    What Brussels wants from the election: clarity

    For the past three years, the UK and EU have been locked in an odd Brexit tango, where moves on both sides have been guided by misunderstanding and mistrust. The past fortnight has seen a change of rhythm: the attention is now firmly on the UK as the outcome of the General Election will dictate […]

    After two weeks of campaigning, the election battle lines are becoming clearer

    Week two kicked off with Labour’s announcement of increased funding for mental health services for children.

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