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  • Leadership candidates get social

    The scramble to succeed Theresa May has focused Tory minds on the importance of getting social media right.

    The untapped potential of Instagram campaigns

    The suggestion that social media is an important aspect of political communications is not exactly a new revelation. But what is noteworthy is how persistently Instagram has been ignored by campaigners, given its ubiquity on smartphones across the globe.

    Five ways to elevate your social intelligence in 2019

    What can we do to better harness the power of social in 2019? Henri Ghosn, Associate Consultant at Portland, shares his top tips on how to elevate your social intelligence for the coming year.

    Top social media trends for 2019

    Amy Lockwood, Digital Consultant at Portland, provides her top social media trends for the year.

    Five Communications trends for 2019

    Given the volume of information and pace of change we could have listed over 100 communications trends for 2019 but opted instead to focus on five that we believe cut across the noise and provide a good guidance for planning the year ahead.

    Theresa May – finding her digital mojo

    Engaging directly via social media channels has given the Prime Minister the platform she needs to communicate directly with the electorate and help her overcome the considerable challenges she faces ahead.

    Digital trends shaping 2018

    Taline Yedibalian, Account Director and digital strategist, identifies the top social media trends businesses should focus on in 2018.

    House of Tweets: Understanding the social networks of MPs

    In partnership with YouGov, Portland commissioned research to explore what information MPs are seeing and to what extent they are being influenced by this content consumed via Twitter.

    Getting tech companies “onside” with counter-terrorism

    Our latest thoughts on Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s suggestion of outright banning end-to-end encryption.

    Chatbots: The opportunity is vast but not without risk

    Since Facebook unveiled its 'Bot Platform' for Messenger at its F8 Facebook Developer Conference last year, over 30,000 chatbots have been created – and pushed live – on Facebook’s messaging platform alone.

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