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  • Is working in the City bad for your mental health?

    As pressures mount on firms in the City of London to do more for their staff on mental health issues, one worker details his experiences with depression having burnt out in the cut-throat environment.

    The case for finally cleaning your desk

    Are modern working practices actually making us less productive and creative, and less satisfied at work?

    Essential human attributes for the Future of Work

    In a year when there is going to be lots more talk about artificial intelligence and the future of work, I wanted to look at and make the case for those qualities that make us human.

    What is a good corporate culture in 2018?

    Martin Daubard, Senior Account Manager in Portland's Employee Engagement team, provides his insight into what will make a good corporate culture in 2018 and why organisations must manage both their internal and external communications.

    The importance of diversity in the workplace

    The banking crisis. Geopolitical uncertainty. Brexit. Phrases we have all used over the past few years. All of which have contributed to the challenging environment that organisations of all sizes have been facing.

    Work is continuing to change

    No-one should be in any doubt that flexibility is going to become increasingly important to the modern workforce. But giving people the choice of what works for them is key.

    The Future of Work

    Matthew Taylor’s Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy shines a spotlight on the profound changes currently transforming the world of work. We are seeing the arrival of greater automation, digitalisation, flexible contracts, and five generations in the workplace.

    Employers will need to demonstrate they value their employees

    Regardless of the outcome of next month’s general election, the next government is set to open an era of increasing regulation in the workplace. All parties are promising to champion workers’ rights and give them a greater role in the companies they work for. Firms need to prepare for this change and be ready to demonstrate they value their employees.

    All employees have the potential to be influencers

    Portland’s Research and Insights team looked at the concept and relevance of employee advocacy in more detail. We surveyed over 2,000 employees across all sectors in the UK and the US and included a range of organisations which had over 50 employees.

    Employee Engagement and Brexit

    We always knew that Britain’s momentous vote to leave the European Union would have widespread consequences for businesses up and down the U.K., but what about the people who are the life-blood of these organisations? In times of instability and uncertainty, it’s natural for businesses to consider the most obvious implications for them.

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