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  • 2018 United States midterm election

    The results on Tuesday’s 2018 midterm elections revealed a deeply divided country, with both sides dissatisfied with the state of politics in America.

    Cities: the major new player in the diplomatic game

    Global organisations, non-governmental groups and international businesses are all playing a large part in how nations interact, and so too are cities.

    #KOT: Kenyans respond to Cambridge Analytica revelations

    The dust was only just starting to settle after a period of turbulence. Two weeks before, Kenya’s long-standing political adversaries, President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, stood together to deliver a joint statement.

    The Commonwealth – Shackled by a historic legacy

    Can the Commonwealth really move towards a common future?

    New Zealand’s political shake-up

    While the eyes of the political press have been on the negotiating table in Brussels last week, there were another set of political discussions taking place half a world away, as New Zealand’s recent election finally declared a winner – though you would be forgiven for missing it.

    Kenya: One week on and many questions remain

    Kenya will return to the polls on 17 October, after the Supreme Court annulled the presidential results from the August elections. The original poll, held on 8 August, saw incumbent President, Uhuru Kenyatta, declared the winner with 54% of the vote, a lead of 1.4 million votes over the main opposition candidate, Raila Odinga.

    Brexit should be good for Africa

    Just a few months after being elected Conservative Party leader, David Cameron flew to Rwanda. It was a high-profile trip so he could see first-hand the development of one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies and launch his party’s review on globalisation and global poverty. On his first day, he visited a textile factory in Kigali, the country’s capital.

    What happened at last week’s African Union Summit?

    You could be forgiven for missing the 27th African Union Summit in Kigali, Rwanda in a week of coups and terror attacks. But the Summit – held twice a year – could prove to be one of the most significant yet. Here's what happened: Civil war in South Sudan. The world's youngest country recently cancelled its fifth independence anniversary.

    Baidu in China: Crisis from beyond the grave

    Baidu, a major Chinese internet firm, is under scrutiny after being accused of promoting misleading medical information—how will markets and politicians respond? From automobile emissions scandal to the Panama Papers, reputation management is becoming an ever more challenging business. That is why businesses spent $10.7bn on top PR firms last year.

    Africa’s emerging hubs

    Last week, some of Africa's most influential names jetted into Kigali, Rwanda, for the World Economic Forum on Africa, a remarkable milestone for a city synonymous with the 1994 genocide. This is no accident; the city is fast emerging as the gateway to central Africa. Rwanda’s ambitious ‘Vision 2020’ development plan aims to transform the country into the ‘Singapore of Africa’.

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