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  • US foreign policy – a decline in soft power

    Under the “America First” banner, President Trump has largely broken with American foreign policy orthodoxy.

    Grading the president

    Neither President Trump nor his Democratic opponent will win this election because of their foreign policy positions.

    The Expat factor: could overseas voters have an impact on the General Election?

    This year’s general election is set to be full of surprises and close results. With several marginal seats up for grabs, overseas votes could be more influential than ever.

    So, you want to impeach the President?

    On October 31st the US House of Representatives voted to formalize the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

    Let’s make America pay less for drugs?

    Healthcare is and always has been one of the central topics brought to the fore during US elections. And in this election, more than ever, there is a real sense that dramatic healthcare restructuring is possible.

    Recessions kill presidencies

    Over the summer, we saw reports of early warning signs for an economic slowdown in the US.

    A conversation with Jon Sopel: Inside Trump’s Whitehouse

    This morning we hosted a breakfast discussion between Portland’s Alastair Campbell and Jon Sopel, the BBC’s North America Editor to mark the publication of his new book, “A Year at the Circus: Inside Trump’s White House“. Here are the top five takeaways from this morning’s event: 1. Political mastermind? Having observed Trump’s decisions as a […]

    The Race to Succeed Obama

    The third Democratic debate took place in Houston last Thursday and, this time, only ten candidates qualified and took place on just one night.

    And then there were 21…

    The field is starting to slowly narrow (there are still 22 candidates running) but the coming months could see the field continue to dwindle.

    The culture warrior President

    Throughout the Trump presidency, there have been cultural flashpoints where the divisions of the country have been exposed.

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