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  • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce wins gold: a victory for motherhood on and off the track

    Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, was incredible to watch as she powered over the finish line to win gold in 10.71 seconds. However, for me at least, what was truly remarkable came afterwards.

    Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

    To support Mental Health Awareness Week this year, Portland hosted a Mental Wellbeing discussion with the primary aim to reduce the stigma that’s attached to the phrase ‘mental health’.

    My week at Portland

    As someone who is still trying to figure out their career, Portland has opened my eyes as to what I want and expect from my future profession.

    #IWD2018: Still more work to be done

    International Women’s Day has become a permanent global fixture, having been celebrated since the early 1990s. But what exactly does it stand or? 

    Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

    To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, Portland brought together some of our fantastic women and put them in front of the camera, asking them a series of questions on what #IWD means to them.

    Portland’s Graduate Programme provided the perfect foundation for my career

    The past three months on Portland’s Graduate Programme have provided me with some amazing experiences. Starting with the immense learning curve, the great people I have met individually and the warm welcoming environment housed collectively by the whole of Portland.

    What struck me about working at Portland

    The thing that struck me about working at Portland is the talent of the people around me. While it can be daunting at first, you quickly realise what an opportunity this is for you to learn and develop.

    Working in a challenging global environment

    Portland have not just exposed me to international issues. Portland’s vast array of UK based clients has also provided me the opportunity to refine my knowledge in areas I have long neglected.

    Working at the intersection of politics, business, and media

    As a graduate, there is nothing more valuable than being allowed to ‘try out’ such a diverse array of work, and nowhere more exciting to do that than in an agency full of people with experience in those fields.

    From London to Doha

    I got the opportunity to work alongside talented individuals of the British government, who have shared with me their experience and knowledge.

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