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  • Johnson’s first 100 days

    Johnson must tread a narrow path in his first 100 days.

    End of the line for May

    As Theresa May calls time on her period as Prime Minister, politics in the UK enters into a new period of instability.

    Is working in the City bad for your mental health?

    As pressures mount on firms in the City of London to do more for their staff on mental health issues, one worker details his experiences with depression having burnt out in the cut-throat environment.

    The case for finally cleaning your desk

    Are modern working practices actually making us less productive and creative, and less satisfied at work?

    Five Communications trends for 2019

    Given the volume of information and pace of change we could have listed over 100 communications trends for 2019 but opted instead to focus on five that we believe cut across the noise and provide a good guidance for planning the year ahead.

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