Max Blain

Max Blain

Max is a communications specialist with more than a decade of experience working at the highest level in the UK Government, most recently as the spokesperson and civil service director of communications for the Prime Minister.

He has substantial expertise in planning and delivering complex communications campaigns which tell a compelling story, including working on the successful roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine both at the Department of Health and No 10.

In Government he has been a senior advisor to four Prime Ministers, working on a diverse array of communications challenges including the UK’s response to the invasion of Ukraine and the announcement of the Windsor Framework. 

As spokesperson for the Prime Minister he held twice-daily on-the-record briefings from domestic and international media covering all aspects of government policy and has an unrivalled understanding of how to prepare and respond to media questioning. 

He provides clients with expert advice on all aspects of corporate reputation with significant experience in crisis response and reputation management.