Generation A-Z

Generation A-Z

In recent months, there has been a growing focus on the fundamental differences between different age groups in UK society.  

To uncover exactly what these changes are, and what they mean for politics, businesses, and the workplace, Portland has published a new report, the ‘Generation A-Z’.

Led by our expert research team, including Research Partner Gabriel Milland, the report reveals the findings of a major new poll of nearly 9,000 UK adults, alongside five in-depth focus groups.

It aims to guide the organisations we work with to successfully engage different age groups, by offering the tools and insight to navigate a series of significant changes in attitude.

Our data reveals:

  • People in the UK are retaining progressive attitudes and values later into older age, with middle aged people increasingly leaning more towards the young. For example – 2 in 3 under 60s (66%) think it’s important to fight discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, but only 48% of those aged 60 or over feel the same.
  • Attitudes towards Britain are shifting dramatically in younger generations. 65% of those aged 45 and over are proud of their nationality, but only 48% of those under 35 feel the same.
  • Consumers want businesses to act. 3 in 5 people of all ages think businesses have a responsibility to use their resources to create positive change in the world, but exactly how varies hugely by age group.
  • Employers face a host of new expectations from their workforce. The under 35s have a growing expectation of control in their workplaces. 61% of 18-35s want a say on how the organisation where they work at is run, compared to 48% of those aged 45 and over.
  • Despite the widespread view that we are a “polarised” society, there are several areas, such as the NHS and climate change, which unite all ages.

To discover the full findings, including details on the five distinct generations co-existing in the UK today, head to our dedicated website to download the report and use our interactive generation comparison tool.

Please contact us for any additional insight, or to learn more about how we can help, at [email protected].

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