Annual Policy Review 2015

Welcome to Portland’s third annual policy review, which wraps up the final year of proper government business before we go into the long general election campaign.

In some of our other work, like Road to the Manifestos, we’ve looked closely at the politics of the situation. But in a febrile political environment, understanding policy is more, not less, important than ever.

Clients come to Portland for communications advice because they recognise the quality of our guidance, the reach of our networks, and the depth of our analysis.

I am proud that all of this applies across the Portland team. We have an unparalleled set of experts with experience across politics, the media and corporate communications.

The quality of work we produce for clients is a tribute to the skills we have throughout our UK business. So this year we decided our policy review should demonstrate that.

Our chief policy adviser James O’Shaughnessy has provided an overview of all policy issues, but each of the policy areas has been researched and written by a member of our team working day-to-day with our clients.

This gives you a flavour of how closely we follow and understand the UK political scene.

In the months to the general election we will be working with clients to understand better what the outcome will mean for them, and how to get the best results. If you would like to know more about what we can offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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