#CGI2014 and the convening power of a big name

#CGI2014 and the convening power of a big name
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, USA - October 18, 2016: Former President Bill Clinton speaks to young voters in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs during a Stronger Together campaign rally in support of his wife Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee in the race for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections.

Not to be ignored in any list of major New York events is the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting. CGI is perhaps best-known (along with the amazing topics and issues discussed) for its ability to bring together one of the most impressive lists of participants, speakers and endorsers. This level of high-profile participants carries through to the discussion on Twitter, with some pretty heavy-hitters throwing their weight by #CGI2014 and its related issues.
CGI, perhaps more than any other major development event, proves the enormous reach that can come from just a few tweets by high-profile people. With just over 2,000 unique tweets using #CGI2014, the reach of the hashtag is still over 845 million, due in large part to the enormous followings of some of its top users.
Established by Former President Bill Clinton, it’s no surprise that the Clinton family features heavily, with tweets from Bill, Hilary and Chelsea among the most retweeted around CGI.

But it doesn’t stop there. Here are just a small few of the other top tweeps who have engaged around #CGI2014. The list includes world leaders, major development voices, top journalists and even an astronaut currently up the International Space Station.

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