City of York Council

City of York Council
A polling station in Upper Stoke, Coventry, United Kingdom.

Currently controlled by a minority Labour administration, local political issues in York could lead to losses for the Party. Labour’s majority on the Council was lost following a string of five defections, and the subsequent resignation of the Council and Labour Group Leader, James Alexander.
One of the Labour defectors – who subsequently joined the Liberal Democrats – died in 2014, triggering a by-election, where the Liberal Democrats won the seat with a major swing, decimating the Labour vote. This election was an indication of the impact of the bitter internal issues within the Labour Party in York – and the effect this could have on Party’s 2015 election chances.
With all of the Council’s 47 seats up for election, and the Conservative and Liberal Democrats holding 9 seats each, it could be that one of these parties is able to take advantage of the political issues in York and make gains on May 7.

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