Commercial Courts Report 2023

Commercial Courts Report 2023

Portland’s annual Commercial Courts Report analyses judgments from the London Commercial Courts to identify notable trends – including the number of cases, litigants, nationality of parties involved in litigation and perceptions of the London courts internationally.

Complemented by expert opinion produced for this year’s report, we also examine the appeal of London’s Commercial Courts to international litigants; Russia’s retained dominance in the Courts and the future of litigation for Ukrainians; as well as public perceptions of climate-change litigation.

The 2023 report, the eleventh to be produced by Portland, is available here.

This year’s report reviewed the 257 judgments handed down by the London Commercial Courts between April 2022 and March 2023. Our analysis found:

  1. A record year for international litigants appearing in the London Commercial Courts.

Sixty per cent were not from the UK. This is the highest proportion and number of international litigants ever recorded.

The diversity of litigants’ nationalities also had a record year, with 78 countries appearing in the Courts.

  1. The US, Russia, Singapore and India make the top five – after the UK.

US and Russian dominance was further cemented, while Singapore and India’s presence sharply increased.

Portland’s polling shows that, although opposition has softened since last year, a majority of the UK public remains against law firms providing legal services to Russian clients.

  1. Public opinion is strongly in favour of climate litigation as ESG cases increase.

Almost 90% of respondents think that companies owe citizens a duty of care to cut their emissions in line with global climate goals.

Polling reveals overwhelming support for courts to require companies to meet more ambitious climate targets

The Commercial Courts Report is compiled by Portland’s Litigation and Disputes practice.

The practice provides specialist advice and strategic communications support to top-tier law firms around the world. We work to reinforce the legal strategy of lawyers undertaking complex or high-profile litigation. We can help ensure that every aspect of your client’s concerns are managed, and every potential advantage explored.

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