Meet the Neighbours

Meet the Neighbours

The latest in our series of Brexit publications sees us launch Meet the Neighbours. Our interactive guide reveals the groupings within the group; the informal coalitions seeking to shape not only the EU’s response to Brexit, but the future of the EU itself.
Brexit represents a huge shift in the tectonic plates of power across Europe. As a result, the UK’s relationship with its trading partners will inevitably change forever.
The European Union has sought to talk up its unity in negotiations, with each member state squarely behind the Commission’s negotiating team. This was best highlighted by the fact that the negotiating guidelines took eight minutes, a symbolically short time, to approve. But this is far too simplistic, and only time will tell if this unity will remain intact over the next two years.

Nations that previously did not work hand in hand with the UK could now become important strategic and trade allies, while once-close partners could become more distant.

And of course, there are many unforeseen consequences and repercussions for other states as a result of Brexit. The value of sterling will have an impact on some countries more than others, some could feel less secure with the loss of a major EU defence player, and the bloc as a whole will lose the UK’s impetus behind an economic liberalisation agenda.
The European Commission will lead negotiations, but all 27 member states have vested interests and will approach the talks from different angles.

We highlight the alliances that exist within the Union – and how their priorities and ambitions will affect how the EU approaches the negotiating table.

Our unique insight comes from our Brexit Unit – made up of those with long experience of negotiating with Brussels, as well as leading figures from both sides of the bitterly fought Referendum campaign, coming together to ensure we offer the most comprehensive view of the changing realities of Brexit.
This guide will help you understand the many different perspectives at play.
Victoria Dean is Partner and Head of Portland’s Brexit Unit. Previously Head of the Foreign Office’s European directorate, Dean spent the summer on the Government’s Brexit preparations.

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