Starmer’s Britain

Starmer’s Britain

Starmer’s Britain is Portland’s view of what a Labour government would really look like under Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership and what their policies may mean for business.

After 13 years in opposition, polls are suggesting that the Labour Party could be just over a year away from forming the next government – potentially making Starmer Britain’s 58th Prime Minister.

As such the Labour Party machine has been gearing up to ensure Starmer wins the keys to No. 10. However, there is still a mountain to climb despite Labour’s consistent lead in the opinion polls over their Conservative rivals.

Portland polling shows that 41% of the public think that Starmer represents change – including 19% of Conservative voters – but that only 31% of the general public say they understand Starmer’s vision for Britain.

So what would a Starmer-led Britain look like, and do the Party have what it takes to get there?

Focused on seven key areas, Starmer’s Britain paints a picture of the choices facing Starmer on the road to No. 10 and includes insights from Portland’s in-house research team and Labour insiders –Sam White, former Chief of Staff to Keir Starmer, and Portland Senior Advisor and former Director of Communications to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell. 

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