The Quarterly: 2012 Preview

The Quarterly: 2012 Preview
City of London in England, UK, with the Gherkin on the right and Tower Bridge and the Tower of London in the background.

As 2011 comes to an end, we asked our contributors to take a look at the year ahead. Across the economy, politics and communications, Portland’s finest offer their views on what issues will drive the news and policy agendas in 2012. Tim Allan and George Pascoe-Watson analyse how developments in the world economy and UK politics will form the big stories of the year. A trio of Portland’s rising stars examine the issues facing the bodies politic in China, France and the US as each are set to see elections and/or changes in leadership in the year ahead. Building on this theme, our own Zaid Belbagi identifies how elections will serve as a key turning point in the Arab Spring.
No preview of the year ahead would be complete without a look at how the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee will impact the UK next year. We put London 2012’s Lord Coe under the spotlight with questions on the impact and legacy of the Games and Portland’s Adrian Warr analyses what 2012 means for Brand Britain.
We hope you enjoy our look ahead at the year to come.

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