The Quarterly: The Leadership Edition

The Quarterly: The Leadership Edition
Group of flags of many different nations against blue sky and infront of a convention center.

Welcome to issue 7 of the Portland Quarterly.
For this second edition of 2012, we have gathered together a range of outside and in-house contributors to look at the theme of leadership.
Alastair Campbell writes about the crucial role that strategy plays in leadership while Eric Chinje, Director of Communications for the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, gives a personal view on the particular challenges facing leaders in Africa.
There is, of course, no more important leader in the world than the US President. American voters will again have a choice of two men in November but Meg Rowley, from Portland’s New York office, shows how a woman – Stephanie Cutter – might have a big say over who occupies the White House next year.
On this side of the Atlantic, YouGov’s Joe Twyman shares insights into who runs the Conservative Party while Michael Hawes, Senior Account Executive in Portland’s Public Affairs team, examines the importance of leadership for parties outside the Big Three at Westminster.
This edition also includes David Bradshaw, Portland’s Head of Writing, looking at how leaders communicate and Adrian Warr, Portland’s Partner for Communications, examining how the increasingly blurred lines between business, consumers, and politicians places new demands on leaders.
We hope you enjoy the read.

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