Warwick District Council

Warwick District Council
A polling station in Upper Stoke, Coventry, United Kingdom.

The Conservatives currently control the Council with a minority administration in Warwick – holding 22 of the 46 seats; Labour currently has 8 seats on the Council, the Liberal Democrats have 9 and there are 7 independents.
There are two Westminster constituencies in the local authority area, both held by the Tories. Warwick and Leamington is a two way marginal with Labour just behind in the polls. There is a heated grassroots battle here and if voters in the constituency ‘lurch to the left’ on polling day, then some council seats will undoubtedly follow. With opposition to the Council’s ‘Local Plan’ and proposed housebuilding allocations, local issues will be important and could cost the Tories votes.
But, it is possible that the Conservatives could manage to hold both of their parliamentary seats on polling day, and could solidify their position in the Council.

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