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  • Health Perspective: Why Language Matters

    In the Health Team, we consider language styles and how we use them as a priority. This comes down to the wide variety of stakeholders we engage with daily.

    High demand low supply: NHS workforce challenges

    With the Brexit deadline of 29th March fast approaching and almost half of the UK’s GPs planning to retire in next five years, the NHS is officially facing a workforce crisis.

    State of the Union’s drug prices

    Last night, US President Trump delivered his State of the Union message to Congress, the U.S. and the world.

    Is the NHS plan enough to ward off Downing Street’s January blues?

    Comprehensive and ambitious, the ‘NHS Long Term Plan’ provides practical solutions to the challenges an ageing population, funding pressures and growing demand will bring in coming years.

    A tangled web: healthcare and the 116th Congress

    The policy and political challenges facing both parties and President Trump are many. But one – issue healthcare – continues to dominate.

    The digital future of healthcare in the UK

    A recent Portland-Tech UK event, chaired by Professor Mike Bewick, former Deputy Medical Director at NHS England, offers some instructive lessons into the digital future of healthcare in the UK.

    Dementia Strikes Children Too

    Portland’s Health team helps to launch Dementia Strikes Children Too campaign in the UK.

    Professor Hawking’s final campaign: the NHS

    Professor Hawking’s persistent activism provides a blueprint for us all as we seek new ways to provide world-class care, free at the point of use, long into the future.

    What happens next for UK medicines regulation?

    The announcement this week that Amsterdam had been selected as the new headquarters for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), brought both excitement and concern over the future of medicine regulation policy in Europe.

    Do not repeal the orphan drug tax credit

    In the U.S. House, Republicans have introduced their long-awaited tax reform proposal. Their plan is to move the bill quickly through the process, pass it and get it to the Senate as soon as possible. The bill is vast and, as with any tax reform, there will be winners and losers in this battle.

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