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  • The edge of a new era for rare diseases

    The key conversations and highlights from the 10th annual World Orphan Drug Congress live from our Health team experts in Barcelona.

    We already have a radical manifesto for the NHS: it was written by the NHS

    Just two of the three political parties whose ideas could shape the NHS in England over the next Parliament have published their manifestos.

    Let’s make America pay less for drugs?

    Healthcare is and always has been one of the central topics brought to the fore during US elections. And in this election, more than ever, there is a real sense that dramatic healthcare restructuring is possible.

    Hidden in plain sight: opioids and chronic pain

    “We are now in danger of an epidemic hitting the UK”. Recent words from Deputy Chief Executive, Duncan Stephenson, of the Royal Society for Public Health after the numbers of people in England using addictive prescribed medicines were revealed for the first time.

    In Other News…

    While you weren’t looking, policy makers in Washington (and in several state capitals) have taken steps that could significantly reform and recast the drug pricing system in the US.

    New priorities for the NHS will begin with bricks and mortar

    The new PM – a man in a hurry – has made his priorities for his Health and Social Care Secretary clear.

    Blazing a trail – the future of medical cannabis in global health

    The medical cannabis industry has exploded over the last few years and is now truly entering the mainstream.

    Trump doesn’t want the NHS

    While visiting London last week, President Trump made a splash by seeming to suggest the NHS was of interest to the U.S. as part of a potential post-Brexit US/UK trade agreement.

    Mandating Drug Prices in Ads May Lead to Consumer Hesitancy and Big Pharma Pushback

    In early May, the Trump administration announced that it will require pharmaceutical companies to disclose the “list price” of their prescription drugs in direct-to-consumer television advertisements.

    Health Perspective: Why Language Matters

    In the Health Team, we consider language styles and how we use them as a priority. This comes down to the wide variety of stakeholders we engage with daily.

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