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  • Professor Hawking’s final campaign: the NHS

    Professor Hawking’s persistent activism provides a blueprint for us all as we seek new ways to provide world-class care, free at the point of use, long into the future.

    What happens next for UK medicines regulation?

    The announcement this week that Amsterdam had been selected as the new headquarters for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), brought both excitement and concern over the future of medicine regulation policy in Europe.

    Do not repeal the orphan drug tax credit

    In the U.S. House, Republicans have introduced their long-awaited tax reform proposal. Their plan is to move the bill quickly through the process, pass it and get it to the Senate as soon as possible. The bill is vast and, as with any tax reform, there will be winners and losers in this battle.

    Portland Health team expands globally with U.S. Partner

    Alfred Jackson, a Washington-based leader in health communications, advocacy and public affairs, will lead the U.S. offer, working alongside the wider business as it continues to expand globally.

    Who’s promising what for health?

    Against a backdrop of chronic underfunding, longer A&E waiting times, and restrictive thresholds on new medicine uptake, health and social care has emerged as one of the dominant talking points in the election race. The three main parties have all pledged to invest billions in the NHS, yet independent health experts still suggest these promised cash injections are insufficient to plug the gap.

    How will our health and pharmaceutical sectors cope with Brexit?

    A demographic timebomb. “Without that safety net many may feel they have no choice but to return." That’s how Age UK described Brexit putting an end to the reciprocal healthcare agreements with our European neighbours. The charity believes that ageing expat Brits will return to these shores because they cannot access EU healthcare post-Brexit.

    Testing times for pharma

    Once again, the financial pressures facing the NHS reared their ugly head. NHS England (NHSE) and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) made their recommendations in response to their joint consultation into the way drugs are evaluated and funded.

    An incurable interest

    Last year I joined Portland’s Health team as a Junior Account Executive, following a six month placement with Save the Children International developing health and education programmes.

    Overcoming pharma’s fear of social media

    The time has come for UK pharmaceutical companies to put their heads together and overcome the industry’s social media phobia. Ask anyone in pharma how well the industry uses social media and you’ll probably get a derisory snort, at best.

    Infectious diseases – not gone and not forgotten

    2016 has been quite the year from many perspectives. A recent editorial in The Lancet highlights some of the health-related topics that have arisen over the past 12 months and one of the main topics mentioned from this year struck a chord. I have worked in infectious diseases for longer than I care to remember, in research, medical education and also from a patient support perspective.

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