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  • Former Minister, James O’Shaughnessy, re-joins Portland

    Conservative Peer, James O’Shaughnessy, is returning to Portland as a member of the firm's Advisory Council.

    Portland launches new division to ‘put strategy and creativity at the heart’

    Called SPARC (Strategy, Planning, Analytics, Research + Creative), the division will sit across all parts of the business, with the team working with existing consultants on all new business and major client campaigns.

    Portland’s Graduate Programme provided the perfect foundation for my career

    The past three months on Portland’s Graduate Programme have provided me with some amazing experiences. Starting with the immense learning curve, the great people I have met individually and the warm welcoming environment housed collectively by the whole of Portland.

    What struck me about working at Portland

    The thing that struck me about working at Portland is the talent of the people around me. While it can be daunting at first, you quickly realise what an opportunity this is for you to learn and develop.

    Working in a challenging global environment

    Portland have not just exposed me to international issues. Portland’s vast array of UK based clients has also provided me the opportunity to refine my knowledge in areas I have long neglected.

    Working at the intersection of politics, business, and media

    As a graduate, there is nothing more valuable than being allowed to ‘try out’ such a diverse array of work, and nowhere more exciting to do that than in an agency full of people with experience in those fields.

    From London to Doha

    I got the opportunity to work alongside talented individuals of the British government, who have shared with me their experience and knowledge.

    Surrounded by people with a passion

    In addition to the development opportunities within my team, Portland also regularly hold talks from prominent figures from the political to media world to give you an insight into their careers and experiences and help guide you to meet your full potential.

    Portland’s Graduate Programme: you get out what you put in

    As we sat at our desks on day one, we hit the ground running. It became very clear, very quickly, to me that Portland would be a place where I could thrive.

    My experience so far…

    Portland pride themselves on being a collective, not a group of individuals, success is shared and good work is recognised. It also helps that it’s a huge amount of fun to work here.

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