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  • Five things to watch in the first Democratic primary debates

    What should viewers expect in the first Democratic primary debate 500 days short of Election Day 2020?

    Trump’s latest move to build a wall

    Following three weeks of negotiations, Democrats and Republicans have finally reached a compromise on border security to avoid a second government shutdown.

    2018 United States midterm election

    The results on Tuesday’s 2018 midterm elections revealed a deeply divided country, with both sides dissatisfied with the state of politics in America.

    Trump’s ‘digital diplomacy’

    Portland has analysed all 4,032 tweets made by British MPs mentioning Donald Trump since his inauguration on January 20th 2017 until the 18th of June 2018, four weeks before his expected arrival, to see what impact this bombastic President has had on the ‘special relationship’.

    Another cloud looming

    Alfred Jackson, Partner in Portland's Health practice, examines the political landscape in the US and why it will continue to be polarised throughout 2018 and beyond.

    Mr. Trump Addresses Congress, or The American Dream in Perils

    President Trump gave a remarkable speech to Congress last night. After his claims of American Carnage at his inauguration a little more than a month ago, he toned down his rhetoric and struck a more positive, forward-looking, hopeful and, ultimately, American tone.

    What ‘America First’ means for corporations

    As President Donald Trump demonstrates a new attitude to global trade, presaging an era of protectionism and isolationism, businesses must avoid the temptation to stray from their core culture and values.

    How did the pollsters get it so wrong?

    There was always something disquieting for me about the 2016 election. I started to get seriously uncomfortable with the public polling back in August. There were a few reasons. Mostly it was little things like the swings in margins that Clinton was winning by or that polls in swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania were coming up with results like 0% of African Americans voting for Trump.

    Last Licks

    In baseball it’s called “last licks.” It means the home team has the final chance to tie or win the game. It’s fair because teams play an equal number of home and away games, and it all evens out in the end. The race for president here in the US had its own version of last licks this week. Last week in Cleveland, we saw the Republican Party put up its best case for a Donald Trump presidency.

    Donald Trump’s America is not the America I live in

    Donald Trump says America is on the road to ruin and that only he can get it back on track. He says crime, terrorism, and illegal immigration are threatening our way of life. In fact, he says, many of us are hesitant to even leave the house. The America he describes is not the America I live in. The Republican National Convention was a spectacle for many reasons.

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