What is a good corporate culture in 2018?

What is a good corporate culture in 2018?

According to LinkedIn – 90% of employees are open to new job opportunities and more often than not, a company’s culture is the determining factor for both leavers and joiners. Earlier this year – Uber’s new president left after 6 months, citing differences over corporate values. It didn’t help that several other senior executives had also resigned, or that the company was weathering one of the most serious PR storms of the year, initially triggered by an employee denouncing a toxic internal culture.

2017 was a landmark year for disgruntled employees damaging corporate culture. Remember the scandal caused by the memo of a Google employee? Sport Direct being called out for its appalling working conditions ? Or Barclay’s ill-advised attacks on its own whistleblowers?

CEO’s internal emails or updates are being quoted in the media in just the same way as a press release. The internal communications from American Airline’s after its passenger ‘eviction’ episode was just as commented upon as any external declaration. Some firms have already anticipated this trend, and have tried to use internal relations for external audiences. Think Elon Musk’s ‘leaked’ motivational emails or Howard Schultz’s political notes to staff.

This trend will not disappear – and is likely to continue in 2018. The distinction between internal and external communications will continue to be blurred. Expect internal emails to be leaked and employees reading even more news on social and traditional media about their own employer.

The melding blend of work and life also has an impact on employee experience and engagement. Firms compete on the satisfaction they generate in the workplace and Glassdoor rankings has gained as much credibility as Great Place to Work.

Finding effective ways to build a strong digital engagemnt will also be difficult in 2018. A recent report shows corporate social media is only used by a quarter of managers – and fails in creating new connections between different employee groups.

Strong cultures help support productivity, reputation and the employer brand. It might even help transform the nation. Matthew Taylor’s review into modern working practices –argues that good work, and the ability to keep employees engaged should be chersished and encouraged everywhere.

So which companies will have the strongest culture in 2018? Those who invest as much time and money in their internal communications as their external communications.

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