Global development and the technology of trust

Can crypto-based projects build trust and improve impact in the global development sector?

Portland launches new division to ‘put strategy and creativity at the heart’

Called SPARC (Strategy, Planning, Analytics, Research + Creative), the division will sit across all parts of the business, with the team working with existing consultants on all new business and major client campaigns.

Reinforce your legal strategy with strategic communications

The law does not exist in a vacuum. Lawyers operate, (as they should), within the clearly defined framework of a court room. Their clients, however, operate within the wider world of competing media, political and regulatory pressures.

The new new media

Today’s media landscape has been transformed beyond recognition, and the long-term implications will be profound. The media, political elite, and public previously sought out – and mostly accepted – the opinions and reporting of mainstream news outlets.

Theresa May – finding her digital mojo

Engaging directly via social media channels has given the Prime Minister the platform she needs to communicate directly with the electorate and help her overcome the considerable challenges she faces ahead.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

To support Mental Health Awareness Week this year, Portland hosted a Mental Wellbeing discussion with the primary aim to reduce the stigma that’s attached to the phrase ‘mental health’.

My week at Portland

As someone who is still trying to figure out their career, Portland has opened my eyes as to what I want and expect from my future profession.

The expectation game

This election – in theory – was meant to be about momentum (lower case ‘m’). Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party was going to continue the campaign momentum it gained in last year’s General Election to sweep the board. Labour have made gains in some areas – but has its performance really been good enough?

New Home Secretary won’t solve the Cabinet customs union conundrum

A man who has held a government post since 2010 should not be seen as an ‘unknown quantity’. But that’s exactly what Sajid Javid will be when he joins the Cabinet Brexit sub-committee on Wednesday. 

The real tests for Labour lie outside of London

On Thursday 3rd May, there will be 4,350 seats up for election across 32 London boroughs, 34 metropolitan boroughs, 68 district and borough councils and 17 unitary authorities.

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