The Commonwealth – Shackled by a historic legacy

Can the Commonwealth really move towards a common future?

London Elections 2018: 10 things to look out for

In the run up to council elections in London, Portland has compiled a list of 10 things to look out for when Londoners go to the polls.

Dementia Strikes Children Too

Portland’s Health team helps to launch Dementia Strikes Children Too campaign in the UK.

Brexit: why we are not out of the woods

While Theresa May will herald Friday's agreement as a vital certainty for businesses and investors in the UK, the ‘transition’ deal is more a ‘standstill’ agreement with some incentives for either side on the areas on which political priorities have rested.

Professor Hawking’s final campaign: the NHS

Professor Hawking’s persistent activism provides a blueprint for us all as we seek new ways to provide world-class care, free at the point of use, long into the future.

#IWD2018: Still more work to be done

International Women’s Day has become a permanent global fixture, having been celebrated since the early 1990s. But what exactly does it stand or? 

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, Portland brought together some of our fantastic women and put them in front of the camera, asking them a series of questions on what #IWD means to them.

Brexit is happening on both sides of the Channel, not just in Westminster

The Brexit show goes on in the Westminster bubble with little attention given to what’s happening in the Brussels bubble, let alone in European capitals. But in the end, Brexit will happen on both sides of the Channel, not just the UK.

Essential human attributes for the Future of Work

In a year when there is going to be lots more talk about artificial intelligence and the future of work, I wanted to look at and make the case for those qualities that make us human.

Theresa May’s Brexit war cabinet begins its offensive

May wants to tie her Cabinet heavy hitters into her plans for the next stage of the Brexit talks, avoiding the tit-for-tat briefing which characterised 2017, and head off any potential leadership challenge.

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