From the word go you are challenged

From the word go you are challenged

One year as a freelancer, two months as an intern, and now five months as an Account Executive – my time at Portland has already been varied, challenging and rewarding.

I joined Portland as a freelancer for the Government Advisory team in the summer of 2015, providing English and French-language media monitoring support, alongside my former role as a teacher at Sciences Po Bordeaux. Although geographically distant from my colleagues and new to the company, I was immediately considered a valued member of the team and given real responsibility.

Working as a media monitor made it clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career in communications longer-term. It gave me a fascinating insight and visibility into the stories and developments that affect and matter to our clients. When my line manager suggested the possibility of moving back to the UK to start an internship with Portland, I gladly accepted.

Within a few days of arriving, I was welcomed by the buzz and energy in the office; I worked alongside some of the most brilliant minds from the highest levels of British government and international politics, using their experience to help our clients build their profiles and capabilities. This exposure enabled me to learn a phenomenal amount in a short space of time and develop as a communications consultant, far beyond what I expected an intern would have the opportunity to do.

Portland’s regular hands-on training seminars, hosted by the agency’s various departments and by prominent figures from the media and political world, are a vital part of this development.

As my internship approached its end, I was thrilled to be offered a permanent position as an Account Executive within the Government Advisory team. Five months later, I can safely say that I’m in a job which continually pushes, challenges, and inspires me. I love having the opportunity to help our clients tell their stories, and at the same time cultivate a wide range of skills, from stakeholder engagement and digital channel management to writing press releases and devising long-term strategy.

Portland constantly strives to improve its work – the same goes for its employees, and I look forward to the next stages of my journey here.

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